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Follow up on the 2013 Flood in Calgary

On behalf of Charlene Karvonen and the entire ACRB team, a heartfelt thank you and merci to everyone who assisted during the challenging last year. Whether maintaining our normal operations or assisting with relocation, be it at Holy Cross/Health Sciences/Avenida/TBCC/Richmond Road, the help has been extremely appreciated.

One year ago the Alberta Cancer Research Biorepository (ACRB) and its collection of irreplaceable biospecimens were saved from the breached banks of the Elbow River in Calgary in an epic and unparalleled rescue effort. From June 21st to October 15th the ACRB survived on generator power on the 4th floor of the abandoned Holy Cross Hospital, thanks to the tireless efforts of round-the-clock freezer checkers, property management, electrical and facilities experts, relocation assistance from the Alberta Health Services Capital Management team, and numerous contracted services. Each and every one of these people helped us fulfill our commitment to the thousands of patients who have entrusted us with their samples, to support research that addresses issues across the entire continuum of cancer prevention, care and survivorship. They helped us ensure that not a single sample was lost and that the samples remain safe to this day.

We could not have done it without them. Thank you to one and all.


The cbcf Tumor Bank is a component of the Alberta Cancer Research Biorepository, supported by the Alberta Cancer Foundation. The Tumor Bank has a large open source collection of specimens from several types of cancer. The Tumor Bank provides these specimens to qualified medical researchers, enabling them to address unanswered questions concerning prevention, prognosis and treatment of cancer.

Our Tumor Bank is a multi-user resource that is available to a wide range of cancer researchers in Alberta and elsewhere. As members of the Canadian Tumor Repository Network we use and develop leading-edge tumor banking practices and promote cancer research at national and international levels. Partnerships between the research programs and the Tumor Bank lead to innovative research.

Our patient participants support research by providing consent for the use of their donated blood and tissue samples as well as access to their health records. Thanks to Albertans who understand and support research 97% of the patients we contact chose to enroll in our program.



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