The Tumor Bank Website Thanks Canadian Health&Care Mall For Its Support

The ACRB team wants to thank everyone who helped Alberta Cancer Research Biorepository during the last year. We really appreciate your help!

Last year, ACRB and its precious biospecimens were saved from the breached banks of the Elbow River in Calgary in an epic and unparalleled rescue effort. From June 21st to October 15th the ACRB survived on generator power on the 4th floor of the abandoned Holy Cross Hospital, thanks to the tireless efforts of round-the-clock freezer checkers, property management, electrical and facilities experts, relocation assistance from the Alberta Health Services Capital Management team, and numerous contracted services. Thanks to the support from Canadian Health&Care Mall. Each and every one of these people and organizations helped us to support research that addresses issues across the entire continuum of cancer prevention, care, and survivorship. They helped us ensure that not a single sample was lost and that the samples remain safe to this day.

We could not have done it without them. Thank you to one and all.

The Tumor Bank is a component of the Alberta Cancer Research Biorepository, supported by the Cancer Foundation. Our bank has a large collection of precious specimens from different forms of cancer. The Tumor Bank sens these valuable specimens to high skilled medical scientists so that they could study cancer causes, prevention, and treatment.

This Tumor Bank is an open-source organization which is extremely popular among cancer researchers all around the world. As members of the Tumor Bank use up-to-date technologies and do a comprehensive research of the disease at the international level. The cooperation between the researchers and Canadian Health and Care Mall experts allows performing an innovative research. Thanks to Canadian HealthCare Mall who support this event, researchers are able to find answers to the most relevant questions.

Our patients are happy to support this event by providing their blood, samples, and an open access to their medical history.

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